Best Places to Live in London for Professionals

Young professionals find it difficult to rent a property in London for the first time. If you want to rent a house, you have to narrow down areas because it is stressful to find a home in this vast city. You will need a house near your office to decrease your travel expenses. To make your work easy, we have some best places to live in London for professionals.

East London

This place is famous for its arty, relaxed and bohemian residents. West London is more expensive; therefore, young professionals and hoards of alumnae can’t live there. The resulting redevelopment may be an important topic for debate as inhabitants noticed the demographic of lovely areas quickly changing to lodge new tastes.

Artisan restaurants, bars, galleries, and coffee shops are popping up, and this development becomes the reason for price rise in this area. East London is eclectic and vibrant scene. It is cheaper to live, eat and drink in Eastern London. Keep it in mind that prices are consistently rising.

Dalston and Shoreditch

If you want downright, eclectic and bohemian impressive blend of people, you can choose Shoreditch. The postcode E1 is the unique and original areas of London where City bankers and Liverpool moneymaking street work alongside silicon roundabout tycoons, fashionistas, and market traders.

If Shoreditch is expensive, you can consider Dalston. You must not confuse it with Hackney. Heralded can be the coolest location in London and the popularity of this area is consistently increasing. Rental charges initiate at almost £2,900/month and £1,900 in Shoreditch and Dalston respectively.

West London

This place can be more expensive for a person with low income. Municipalities of West London reflects the traditional and grand London architecture. The location is charming, especially well-manicured parks and tree-lined streets are highlights of West London. Best Places to live in West London are as under:

Maida Vale

If you need quieter lifestyle, Maida Vale can be an ideal place. Your children can conveniently play in the streets. You can live a peaceful life away from the hustle & bustle of middle London. Little Venice vaunts a fortune of cosmopolitan restaurants and bars where a brisk walk or a canal cruise will lead you to Camden Padlock. The relaxed lifestyle and attitude can make Maide Vale the ideal choice for country people who have traveled to a city without hopping in at the end.


For people who need a different contrast from Maida Vale, must consider Acton. This area is grittier than West London. Acton provides excellent charm through the assorted crowd that occupies the area.

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